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Scout Past Activities 2nd Albury

Patrol Monopoly Challenge

Patrols were out around the Hall tonight taking photos of locations from our Patrol Challenge Monopoly board.  In the end Falcons were the winning patrol, by the narrowest of margins.  Pi will present the shield to the Falcons early next term.


First Aid Night on Snake & Spider Bites

A great big thank you to Jame for coming down and showing us what some of our snakes and spiders in Australia look like.  Then we got to practice doing immobilisation bandaging for snake bites.  Well done to all the patrols for racing to beat their best time.


Scouts' Own at Eastern Hill Lookout

3 groups of two patrols decided their own path from the Scout Hall to Eastern Hill Lookout tonight.  Once there we had a Scouts' Own  then had a quick supper and walked back to the Scout hall.  Bit a break now for the school holidays, looking forward to the Troop camp on the last weekend of the school holidays

Water Safety at Albury Pool

Fantastic turn out last night with all the scouts working on either Pioneer, Explorer or Adventurer Water Safety.  Lots of swimming fully clothed and swimming in PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices) Only a few more things to finish off over the next couple of weeks and we should have a lot of badges being presented.

Pioneer Hike

We headed off from Jackson's Point on Lake Hume, walked across the Weir wall and stopped for a swim in Lake Hume just near Lake Hume Resort.  From there it was a walk around the lake, through the Pines, across the bridge into Bellbridge for another quick swim.  A great day was had by all.

Border Rescue Squad Visit

Thanks to Paul and Jamie of the Border Rescue Squad who kindly gave their time on Thursday night so we could visit, have a look at their road rescue and boats and explain what the Rescue Squad does.  

Have a look at some of the photos on their website of the squad in action.

Troop Camp at Lightning Creek

The weekend of 15th, 16th and 17th of August we went and stayed at Lightening Creek, just the other side of Mitta Mitta for a Troop Camp. The weather was pretty cool overnight judging by the frost on the tents and cars in the morning, but the rain held off until late Sunday morning. We did a hike on Saturday then back for dinner and a camp fire.


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